Draw like you always have

With the Slate, draw on paper with your favorite pencils and your creations instantly come to life on your screen via Bluetooth or USB.
The pleasure of paper, the magic of digital, finally united.

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Thanks to the iskn Ring, combine the natural use of pencil with the power of digital.

Take your favorite pencil, slide the ring onto it and let the magic happen!

Use your favorite pencils

The Slate is the only tablet that allows you to draw… and erase with your own drawing tools.

Place the ring on the eraser part of your pencil and that’s it: you can erase your drawings on paper and on your screen simultaneously.

Draw… and erase!

Imagink, the app designed for the Slate

The Imagink app offers a panel of drawing tools with unique rendering, like pencil, felt tip or even a chisel tip marker.

Add to that layers and use the replay feature for creations always more accomplished. Export and share your drawings in a JPEG, PNG, PSD, SVG or even MP4 format!

Use the Slate and Imagink with iOS, Android, macOS and Windows.

Turn your Slate into a graphic tablet for a world unique 2-in-1! Use your own pencils and any type of paper to start your creation, then finish your drawing with the desktop apps of your choice!

Use the iskn stylus, the Tip, to work from your paper sketch to the final digital version.

The Slate is compatible with your favorite apps!

Enjoy total freedom with the screenless mode: your Slate runs autonomously thanks to its long battery life (7 hours of continuous battery life) and its internal memory of 4GB (+400,000 sheets). 

Capture your ideas anywhere, wherever you want, whenever you want and transfer your creations as soon as you get home.

Capture the moment, anywhere, anytime

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